The Safer Sex Kit™ Instructions Manual

“So, you want to be a Safest sex Superhero!” … The use of your “Suit of Armor” and other safe sex tools.

A note on the use of plastic barriers for safest sex: In the areas of medicine and dentistry a sea change in hygiene and safety occurred with the institution of the “latex” barrier. The use of barriers has now become ubiquitous. Until only a few years ago, and still in many of the world's poorer places, a doctor/dentist/nurse would treat you with his washed hands, and you could smell/taste the soap on his/her fingers. Now you have come to expect the use of barriers for intimate touch from your doctors, and you would object if they did not. Sexual activity should logically be treated like this, especially between anyone who is not in long term committed relationships.

If you are already a victim/sufferer/carrier of STDs: We are sorry for your pain. And, we empathize with your challenge in trying to make healthy sex a part of your life again. People who have contracted diseases for which there is no sure cure (i.e. HIV/AIDS, Herpes, and HPV), would like to be able to have sexually active lives, but feel “dirty” and would like to make sure not to spread the disease(s) that they have. Drug therapies are useful, but they are not fool proof. There are small but clear risks of transmission, and drug therapy can mask the usual “prodromal” (in the case of herpes) symptoms/ physical symptoms that would cause you to know that you are in a contagious moment. Denial is an emotional state, one that often leads people to ignore the fact that they could be contagious, thus becoming an even greater threat to their partners.

Safest Sex is a part of the solution. You can be using Safest Sex practices in addition to drug therapies, though no safe sex practices guarantee the prevention of disease.

A modern definition of virginity: The Practice of saving any/all mixing of sexual fluids for a first real long term committed relationship.

All other sex: Casual, recreational, spontaneous, unplanned, professional, unauthorized, under-aged, criminal, etc. qualify for the practice of Safest Sex. If practiced scrupulously, Safest Sex Practice provides a separation between you. No transmission. No exchange of fluids. Virginity is preserved for the “real” partner, either in the present or the future.

What is in the kit:

1- Food Wrap- 1 roll
2- Non- Latex Gloves- 1 box of 50
3- Water based lubricant- 1 Tube
4- Condoms- 3 dozen latex, 1 dozen non- latex
5- Latex Boxers, shorts with sheath- 3 pair good for approximately 20 uses each.
6- Our Safest Sex Instruction Manual- How to change your sexual behavior and become a Safe Sex Superhero.
7- Anti Bacterial Wipes- 1 box

Use and care of the Equipment.

1. Food Wrap for Safe Oral Sex- 1 roll
  1. We use non- microwavable food wrap, because it is less porus than the microwaveable variety… Disclaimer: This wrap has never been tested for viral or bacteriological transmission. We hope that one day it will be. Until that time, anecdotal experience tells us that the use of wrap as a barrier for the purposes of sexual contact is an improvement over no barriers at all, and both limits exposure, by limiting the amount of fluid transfer to the microscopic, and by helping change our behavior, perhaps the most important part of becoming a super safe sex practitioner.
  2. Use Food Wrap as an early introduction to safe play. Suck on Fingers and Toes. Practice open mouth kissing through the wrap. Use on Ears, armpits, ankles, etc. to get used to holding the wrap in place. Lean how rough you can be with it, use your teeth. Break some in safe places.
  3. When using wrap for oral sex (mouth to mouth, mouth to genitals, mouth to anus) use large sheets. Prepare many of them in the area around you so you will not have to stop to cut more. Try to keep folds to the minimum.
  4. Use in combination with gloved hands, so that you can touch with hands and mouth at the same time.
  5. Change wrap and gloves with frequency to prevent the spread of fluids beyond the surfaces of the plastic.
  6. For insertion of the penis in a mouth use a condom.

2. Non- Latex Gloves- 1 box of 50
  1. Use and change frequently
  2. Use on yourself, and, separately with different gloves, on your partner.
  3. Use in combination with water based lubricant. Be generous with lube.
  4. Use separate gloves for different orifices, on oneself, and others

3. Water based lubricant- 1 Tube
  1. Use only water based lubricant in combination with plastic barriers for sex. Massage oils, lotions, creams, etc. can cause degradation of the fabric of the plastic, causing it to become more porous, possibly at a level you can't see, and also possibly to break more easily.
  3. Be generous with lube. But it can be messy, and contribute to your being sloppy. So if you are generous with lube, that means be generous with plastic, changing barriers with frequency, as soon as you are no longer able to keep track of whose fluids are where.
  4. Lubricant can stain your sheets and towels… Have sheets and towels set aside for staining during Safest Sex, and learn how to wash them so as best to remove the stains you make…

4. Condoms- 3 dozen latex, 1 dozen non- latex
  1. Latex Condoms have been through rigorous testing, for both breakage, and viral transmission. Non-latex condoms are generally more comfortable for the vagina, and the mouth. Use double condoms, with a latex one under a non-latex one, for maximum protection.
  2. You can have a damp towel handy to wipe off the lubricant that comes with the condoms to make oral sex more appetizing, although many people find the lubricant to be no problem for taste.

5. Latex shorts (boxers) with sheath-
  1. 3 pair good for approximately 20-30 uses each.
  2. For safe sex practices shorts should be worn loose fitting, because they are much harder to break. So err on the side of bigger when sizing.
  3. Dressing in these shorts takes a few moments. It can be noisy, and sticky putting them on, a comic intermission in the romantic flow. Make it part of the game of love making. Talk about it before hand. (See our section on Making safe love).
  4. Staying safe post orgasm means cleaning up. This is essential to making sure that safe equipment is used safely. Be careful not to spread sexual fluids when removing the shorts. Wash shorts and your hands with soap and water. Always wash by hand, and dry by hanging. Dry the shorts on both inside and outside. After every few washes sprinkle some baby powder on the shorts to prevent them from sticking to themselves when stored.
  5. Keep rotating your shorts for wearing evenly.
  6. When the shorts begin sticking together, it is time to be aware that they may be more prone to breaking.
  7. If shorts should break during use, stop sexual activity, ands clean up.
  8. Making care of your equipment a part of caring for each other is at the core of safe sexual practices. Be responsible!!! Especially in the heat of passion!

6. Our Safest Sex Instruction Manual- How to change your sexual behavior and become a Safe Sex Superhero.

7. Anti Bacterial Wipes- 1 box
  1. Keep handy for emergencies, as when shorts, wrap, gloves, or condoms break.
  2. In general, save these wipes and use soap and water for cleanup.

8. Powder.
  1. For preserving the latex shorts, lightly powder after every 4-5 washes.