Mission Statement
OneSafeGeneration.org is devoted to the simple idea that in one generation of scrupulous safer sex practices we can eliminate the epidemic of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. We provide education and products that will allow each individual to modify their behavior so as to remove themselves, and their loved ones, from the chain of transmission, forever. We believe in honesty and transparency. Many people incorporate sexual practices, and activities, in their lives before, and outside of marriage. Recognizing that this is the case, and that silence, ignorance, and the withholding of information, exacerbate the problem, we propose serving the population of sexually active people with the information and the tools that they need to practice sex safely, and disease-free. This requires an evolved set of "life skills", changing the way we flirt, seduce, negotiate boundaries, and make love. This requires applying a modern, and high technology, approach to sexual hygiene. and the tools we use to practice it. We take our inspiration from the modern techniques of medical and dental hygiene. We will share tools and the knowledge with you. Your practice will be rewarding, diverse, and fun. The intimacy gained will be deep and safe.